Supercar and Space Patrol

June 2, 2011

Anyone my age (55) reviewing their own mental landscape — say as a result of temporary unemployment — will probably find a distant memory of spacemen fighting implacable but wobbly aliens and commanders whizzing around in flying desks.

They may dismiss these memories in favour of Doctor Who or some Gerry Anderson/Supermarionation tosh, but what I and I suspect a small but select group of greying followers will recall among those sci-fi TV programmes of the early 60s is Space Patrol.  Mars and — maybe its best known outer planet now, Your-Anus — were the places that we, now, were meant to be colonising.

What I didn’t know, though (because I was about 5 at the time) was that the driving force behind it was a woman, Roberta Leigh.  As of course was Sylvia Anderson and the music for Doctor Who was produced  by Delia Darbyshire.


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