David Hockney’s son?

January 14, 2012

People often ask if I’m relocated to David Hockney. Hmm…often, of course, they are soft Southerners, who think we are all related to each other oop North, so I put on my broadest all-purpose Northern accent, and say, gnomically,  ‘Ayyye’.

Mind you, I did the same thing the other day at my latest excursion into the bad evil world of multi-nationals, to a lady from Iran, asking if she was Iraqi, but that’s another story.

Any road up…the last time the David question was asked, it set me thinking. I got in touch with a genealogist of my acquaintance, and shipped her 300 of the queen’s finest pounds to find out if there was a link.

A week or so later, an email from her arrives in my inbox, with a nicely made family tree that establishes I am a third cousin once removed. How exciting is that?

Mind you, in her covering email, she did say that about half the population of Schleswig Holstein was related to the Queen, which spoilt my excitement a bit.


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