It’s summer in London….

March 24, 2012

Image It is summer, in London. I know because most of the female population in Brentford (West London, for my transatlantic readers) were out in shorts and flip flops.

I have never understood why people wear flip flops, particularly men with hairy toes. Hobbit like toes are bad enough without walking like a penguin. I don’t know about you, but on the one occasion I wore flip flops I shuffled along at the pace of an 80 year old. Naturally, the Peacock wife had purchased them for me, along with a Panama hat, to wear during the heatwave of 1993. Or was it 1997? Apparently, Hugh Grant had a similar look in some film or other (and she had a bit of a thing about old Hugh).  Needless to say, I didn’t wear them again.

I celebrated the arrival of summer today with an ice cream. Crunchy honeycomb, if you must know. Tomorrow, if the mercury reaches 19 degrees, I’ll go for chocolate.



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