March 24, 2012

I envy the person in that song who seems to  remember everything. Curiously, at my time of life, although I can remember the words of a song I heard 30 years ago. I have a lot of trouble remembering the name of someone I just met. That could easily be put down to the decay of short term memory as one ages, but I also forget names and words I have known for a lifetime.

I was, for example, struggling to recall the name of my astrological sign the other day. I tried attaching it to my date of birth, but that didn’t help (although I remember that Scorpio came before it and Capricorn (I think) came after.

I tried to remember the shape of the constellation, but that didn’t help at all, as it just looked like a bunch of unconnected stars millions of light years apart, and bearing no relationship to each other, except in the imagination of  a long dead shepherd gazing at the sky on a cloudless night.

I tried to summon up an image of a dating site which set store by such things and which I had joined for a month years ago, but that just conjured up blurry faces of the women I had met, some blonde, some dark, but all of them indistinct, so that I might pass them on the street and blank them in a moment of unintentional rudeness, leaving them standing staring after me as I walk ignorantly away.

Then, for no good reason, I thought about how some artists had made their pictures less detailed, more primitive, as they got older, stripping out redundant shapes and colours and shading. I thought of Miro , Monet and Picasso, and there the name was. Sagittarius, but you know that already.

PS: now I come to think of it, ‘memories’ is the first word of The Way We Were. I can never remember the way we were, at least not without embarrassment, and I can only assume I have been 16 for ever.


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