Saturday nights and me

April 14, 2012

I’ve always had two minds about Saturday nights. At school, the previous Saturday nights were the main topic of conversation on Monday and Tuesday: who snogged whom, what happened when they went too far, and what happened when they didn’t. On Thursday and Fridays, it was all about expectations of the Saturday coming up. After a moment or two on football, it was teasing about crushes, it was chaffing about tongues and where they went, and once or twice, a bit of earnest debate about VD, condoms, or what you could catch off a toilet seat.

It was the 70s. We knew – or thought we knew – that our elders had been having it off with everyone in the 60s, and we wanted some of that action ourselves, and yet it was a curiously naive time. No AIDS, no chlamydia (well, there was, probably, we just didn’t have the nasty name for it), and frankly, very little full-on shagging. Just lots of talk, and teasing. I’d tail along with the rest of the boys to some pub or disco, and I’d be one of the ones at the back, sniggering with each other, blushing when a girl’s gaze happened to fall on us.

These days, I am more likely to stay in and listen to culture shows on Radio 4. There was a time when the peacock wife and I would go out to some small theatre above a pub, and watch a bunch of hopefuls go through their paces, or schlep along to some W8 dinner party where I was the token Northerner and she was the leftie vegan, but that was in our 30s. In the 80s. Long time ago now.

These days, I find myself staying in. And tonight? Cocoa and the London Review of Books, I think. Something weighty on 19th century Brazil should do the trick. I sleep better when my head is full of stuff that doesn’t concern me.

PS Actually it was better than that. An hour of Simon Schama and Eric Hobsbawn chatting away on Radio 4, then some Lionel Richie on BBC4. I’m thinking of retuning my TV-cum-digital-radio so it only gets channels ending in 4…


One Response to “Saturday nights and me”

  1. annie demonde Says:

    There’s always the X Factor to look forward to – it starts late summer !!

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