I was walking in the park one day…

June 21, 2012

It’s been a funny old summer, and I don’t just mean the weather, although that  has been weird enough. No, I’m talking about the way people behave. Well, not everyone would agree, and I’m sure you might well consider it perfectly normal to walk around with, say, pants on your head, if not necessarily in Brentford High Street.

So imagine my surprise, gentle reader, when I was walking home from a constitutional that involved dropping in at the bank to check my savings (I know you can do it all online, but I’d rather associate my savings with bricks and mortar, if you don’t mind), to walk through the little park between here and there and see a woman, quite a young woman, not what you’d call attractive, exactly, but pleasant looking, walking along talking into her mobile.

Now I grown used to that over the years, and I am even no longer alarmed by people talking into thin air as I know they are wearing ear buds and talking into a virtually invisible microphone.

No, what made this one different was that she had in her other hand (no headset, this one) what appeared to be a plastic juice bottle with the top cut off. Every few steps she would turn it upside down and shake it, and out would come what appeared to be sawdust, falling on to the grass by the side of the path. As I came towards her, I politely moved aside on to said grass to walk past her.

‘Would you mind?’ She asked, as I stood there. ‘this is my dog, and she particularly liked to do her business there’.

Needless to say, being an obedient soul, I moved back to the path, and she tipped out the last of Fido’s ashes into a circle of thicker darker grass, then walked away, still chatting on her phone.


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