Is Wimbledon always in London?

July 10, 2012

During the men’s final at Wimbledon (well played, Andy, by the way. You’re at least as good as Fed who is the best there’s ever been, he just gets more points than you), an unfortunate girl from Sunderland tweeted the deathless words in my title.

Now to anyone from South Shields who may never have been south of the Wash, that may seem a perfectly reasonable question. She was thinking ‘is it like the Olympics or the world cup that are held in different cities?’ but of course the soft southerners had a field day to the extent the poor girl had to close her twitter account. Among the retweeting harassers were the slithy Piers Morgan, whose favourite hobby is making celebrities cry on TV.

This raises some serious issues of cyber bullying, and any prospective employer who bothers to google the poor girl may well think twice, unwarrantedly.

But my thought is around the north south divide, which won’t go away, and about how easy it is for a chance phrase to go round the world and blight your life. Like this one, maybe.

I’m saying nowt mair, me.


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