Year of the Sheep….

January 1, 2013

Apparently, according to the Chinese Calendar it is the year of the Black Snake.  I am a Sheep, so regrettably it appears that I am doomed for  a year of misfortune and dismay. How do I know? That great British tabloid, the Daily Mail, of course. Apparently 2013 will be a sub-optimal year for all who have the misfortune to have been born Sheep. Bah.

I hadn’t realised I was a Sheep. I had thought I was a Rat (not exactly the most attractive of creatures but you have to admit there is something a bit racier about being a rat than a sheep).  Or a cockeral (hmm, sexy even). But perhaps that was last year.

Sheep are dull. I like a nice bit of roast  lamb on a Sunday, but I can’t say that sheep are interesting in any other way. When I was a boy, my mother told me to stop being a sheep  and give up on following the girls every other boy fancied (looking back, her advice probably had a good deal to do with the fact that I never got lucky). Any how,  I took her advice and ended up with the Peacock wife. Well, at least I didn’t have to compete against Randy Ron. He called her a bit queer (in the old sense of the word, of course).

So this is me in 2013.  Happy New Year to all Sheep!


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