What I really, really want

January 5, 2013

I don’t get very many presents at Christmas.I drop a few hints, but there is something a bit British and embarrassing about asking for something that you really, really want. I know the Spice Girls made a lot of money about singing about what they really, really want, but they’re girls so probably got what they wanted anyway.

Other than me, of course, every other man on the morning tube appears to have very generous friends this Christmas. I have never before seen so many i-pads and tablet computers and kindles.  Terribly useful gifts, particularly because  gadgets assist in the avoiding of fellow commuter eye-contact – and you get to watch Danish murder dramas on your way to work – wonderfully time-saving.

Anyway, as I said, I dropped a few hints this year, but must admit I might have been a bit too subtle.  I briefly pointed at something practical in a magazine (i-pads are practical, aren’t they, allowing you to read emails on the move?) and I got a woolly hat. It’s a nice woolly hat, but it is a woolly hat nonetheless  And the jumper is a jumper and the expensive stuff to put in the bath is, well, expensive stuff that goes down the plughole.I quite like the shortbread biscuits, though. And the bottle of vodka was a fabulous idea, so perhaps some of the hints I dropped were less subtle than I thought.

And I am not ungrateful, really I am not.

Thank you for the hand knitted socks, Aunt Mildred.



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