Your best mate Dave

June 12, 2014

I make no great apology for returning to the subject of Channel Dave.

I have had a bit of a quiet week on the work front (not sure why, but did I read somewhere recently that the rules have changed for sacking grumpy old blokes? That should make us more employable, not less…) and apart from blogging to my new friends (say hello to Alan, ladies and gents…), , I have been watching…well, yes…Top Gear on Dave.

I like the way it is a trip back in time, and I’ve explained this before. But what I want to talk about today is the proposition ‘Surely it is the best job in the world?’

Well think about it. Every week, 30 weeks of the year (or thereabouts) , you get to drive one of the best cars in the world round a track, round a town, or possibly halfway across a continent … or desert …or mountains.

You have a film crew, and probably a medical team, following you, so the chances of being at any risk are minimised because they want you in the hanger/studio on Thursday or whenever it is for the chat part (and why, apropos of nothing much, are all the blondes being shoved to the front of the laughers in the most recent series? Are we worrying about the number of male viewers falling?)

Excuse me now…i must adopt a jaguar online…oh, not the car then…?


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